Emmanouil (Manos) Giortamis


Ph.D. student at TU Munich

LocationMunich, Germany





About me

I’m a Ph.D. student at the Chair of Computer Systems, Technical University of Munich (TUM), supervised by Prof. Pramod Bhatotia. My research interests lie in the field of software systems for quantum computing with a particular focus on building software abstractions to scale Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) era computing, such as quantum resource management and distributed quantum computing. More specifically, I design and build systems that increase the scalability of real-world quantum applications and the resource efficiency of the underlying NISQ resources, i.e., utilization and load balance. Previously I had been working in the distributed systems area, specifically in distributed shared logs and replication protocols.

Before joining TUM, I graduated from the Computer Science Department, University of Crete, Greece, where I worked on highly parallel data structures and cloud scheduling.

Please call me Manos. Emmanouil sounds awkwardly official.